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☠ together undivided but forever we'll be free ☠

☠ sail away where no ball and chain can keep us from the roarin' waves ☠

two ninja swords, 14 laser cannons & darth vader
1 August
F I L E ☠ N O T ☠ F O U N D
I L L U S T R A T I O N ☠ I C O N T E S T
S H O U N E N ☠ B A T T L E

lils; ☠
27; female; michigan;
fangirl; bi-polar; obsessive compulsive; digital hoarder; attention span of a gnat; liberal; geek; experience seeker;
online community moderator;

interests; ☠
writing; fandom; music; photography; graphic design; html/css; movies; roleplaying; video games; cross stitching; kirigami; gaia online;

many and often changing;
one piece; tales of...; saiyuki; smt/persona; kingdom hearts; fullmetal alchemist;
k-on!!; durarara!!; baccano!; kaichou wa maid-sama; kuroshitsuji; working!!;
arakawa under the bridge; gintama; hetalia; claymore; nana; ace attorney;
kekkaishi; red garden; naruto; bleach; d.gray-man; code geass; dogs;
katekyo hitman reborn; nabari no ou;
see my anime list for more;

friending; ☠
asking to friend isn't necessary; posts are mostly public; will friend back if we have common interests;

credits; ☠
layout coding and graphics; flashily;
layout art; arnistotle;
profile coding and graphics; flashily;
profile art; なっちく;
moodtheme; sttudio;

this journal contains adult content and some of the material may not be appropriate for those under the age of 18. friend at your own discretion.
in case of an emergency (heavily filtered) in regards to this post

poupeegirl fashion brand community
[adult swim], absolute boyfriend, acceptance, ace attorney, after school nightmare, androgyny, animanga, anime, arashi, art, atlus games, bandanas, black and white photography, bleach, boyish girls, boys in eyeliner, chocolate, collecting music, computers, concerts, d.gray-man, d.o.n.g.l.i. どんぐり, dancing, david bowie, dictionaries, digital hoarding, experiencing new things, fan art, fan fiction, femmeslash, final fantasy vii, food network, foreign languages, franken fran, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gay rights, genderqueer, girls with boys names, good omens, graphic design, green day, guitar hero, hana kimi, harry potter, high-school/college au kh fics, hikaru no go, homoerotica, horror manga, humour, hyde, insomnia, ishida akira, j-pop, j-rock, japanese, k-pop, kanjani∞, kat-tun, kekkaishi, kingdom hearts, kurosagi corpse delivery service, labyrinth, lots of wasabi, lurking, manga, movies, mpd psycho, music, my balls, nana, naruto, nintendo ds, one piece, openmindedness, organization xiii, ouran host club, oxyrosis, pansexuality, persona 3, persona 4, phoenix wright, photography, photoshop, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, playstation 2, pretty boys, procrastination, psychology, psychosexuality, queer cinema, rare pairs, roleplaying, rpg, rum, rupert grint, saiyuki, samurai champloo, shin megami tensai, shin megami tensei, slash, soba, spicy food, star wars, stick art, studio ghibli, super junior, sushi, suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, tales of games, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tarot cards, tattoos, threadless, tim burton films, u2, video games, waterfalls, wii, writing, yaoi, yuri, ,